National Tuberculosis Research Roadmap: 2022-2026

National Tuberculosis Research Roadmap: 2022-2026

This third edition of the national TB research roadmap has been prepared through an extensive
review of the research priorities reflected in the second edition, taking into consideration recent
developments in TB research needs as well as current TB programmatic priorities. It is intended
to serve as the main guiding national framework for implementing TB research in Ethiopia.
Results of the research will inform programmatic actions to meet the national commitment
of attaining TB-related Sustainable Development Goals and the End TB strategy targets.
Realization of the set targets necessitates using the entire spectrum from epidemiological,
basic, clinical, and operational/implementation research to health systems and policy research
for evidence-based actions on TB prevention, diagnosis and care. As such, this TB research
roadmap sets out priority research areas along that spectrum.

The roadmap highlights the list of priority TB research questions and research areas rated as
high, medium, and low priority. The updated priority research areas reflect current national
information gaps for evidence-based TB response and informed decision making. It also provides
detailed guidance on implementing the research roadmap; the monitoring and evaluation
system for tracking implementation progress; mechanisms; systems for research output
dissemination; using evidence generated for policy actions; and the roles and responsibilities of
various stakeholders.

This third edition of the national TB research roadmap was prepared by MOH/TRAC in
collaboration with TRAC member universities (Addis Ababa, Gondar, Haramaya, Jimma,
and Hawassa), implementing institutions (Ethiopian Public Health Institute [EPHI], Armauer
Hansen Research Institute [AHRI], and National TB Program [NTP]), and TB partners (USAID,
WHO, USAID STAR Project, and USAID/Eliminate TB Ethiopia [ETBE] Project) guided by
the WHO toolkit for developing national TB research plans.

MOH/TRAC strongly recommends that researchers and all TB stakeholders use the roadmap
as the main guiding framework to gear TB research activities toward the national TB research


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