18th Annual TB Research Conference and WTD

For the past two decades, TRAC has been a driving force in advancing TB elimination efforts in Ethiopia. With an impressive 788 TB research papers presented at the previous 17 annual conferences, TRAC has solidified its position as a cornerstone of TB research in the country. Each year, the TRAC conference serves as a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, engaging dialogue, and reaffirming commitments in the ongoing battle against TB in Ethiopia. This is part of our mission to integrate academia with program implementation, shaping the future of TB research and elimination efforts in Ethiopia.

This year the 18th Annual TB research conference will be held with a theme Yes! We Can END TB.

On World TB Day 2024, an awareness creation walk was conducted from Ras Desta Damtew Hospital to the EPHI Conference Center. The walk aimed to raise awareness about tuberculosis and its impact on global health