What we do

Tuberculosis Research Advisory Council (TRAC) is a voluntary network of NTP and other relevant MoH Agencies, public research institutions, major national Universities and other key TB stakeholders. TRAC is a core technical advisory body to the Diseases Prevention and Control Directorate (DPCD/NTP) that sets TB research priorities and builds national capacity to conduct TB research.

Over the last 22 years TRAC has been actively engaged in the promotion, conduct and dissemination of operational research in TB control and has been a forum for dialogue and interaction between researchers and NTP staff in Ethiopia.

Since 2001, TRAC made tremendous achievements that has significant contribution for TB elimination endeavors of Ethiopia. 760 TB researches papers presented at Tuberculosis Research Advisory Committee annual conferences, on which;

  • World TB Day (WTD) commemorated
  • Side meetings held on priority National TB agendas
  • Donors re/confirm Commitments
  • Increased Number of participants and TB research paper presented 
  • Best TB research Abstract Award conducted Each year, and
  • Invited Guests from Different countries participated.

The following table provides details of the 16 annual TRAC TB Research Conferences held so far.

ConferenceDateParticipantsPapersHosting Institutions & Sponsors /FundersVenue
1st24-26/04/20015713AHRI, FMoH  ALERT
2nd26-27/08/20046315 AHRI (Sida/ NORAD) FMoH ALERT
3rd21-22/11/20067421AHRI, FMoHALERT
4th16-18/12/20086131AHRI, FMoH JHU and WHO-ET ALERT
5th21-23/10/20099429JU, WHO-ET, GF, TBCAPJU .Jimma
6th 6-8/06/201115043 UG TBCAP-I,  ITECH ,ICAP, FMoH/ GFATM,  WHO, etcUoG, Gondar
7th21-24/03/201234770Mekele University and Tigray RHB  FMoH/GFATM,WHO, ITECH, TBCARE-I, Heal Tb etc.Mekele
8th21 -24/03/201348965EHNRI and  Addis Ababa CAHB FMoH/GFATM,EHNRI, TBCARE-I, PHSP, WHO, Heal TB,  UCSD, etcAddis Ababa
9th21-24/03/201455085HU and SNNPR – RHB FMoH/GFATM,EHNRI, TBCARE-I, PHSP, WHO, Heal TB,  UCSD, etcHU, Hawassa
10th21 -24/03/201540065ORHB , Arsi University , AHMC, FMoH/GFATM, ORHB, CHTB/KNCV, MSH/HEALTB,GLRAGAG, Adama
11th21-24/03/201640063DDU and DDARH, DD, DD RHB, HU, FMoH, ICAP, GLRA, CTB…               DDU, Dire Dawa & HU, Haramaya
12th21-24/03/201736073AAU , St.peter , AA RHB , FMoH , Other partners    AAU, Addis Ababa
13th21_24/03/2018                  60055EPHI, AHRI, FMoH, WHO-ET, CDC, CTB                  EPHI
14th23 -24/03/2019  36096Afar RHB, SU, GLRA, CTB, CDC, CHAI, AHRI, WHO-ET..SMH, Afar
15th22-24/03/2021328112AHRI,FMoH and AACAHBEPHI, Addis Ababa
16th22 -24/03/2022244105Hawassa University and Sidama RHBHU, Hawassa
17th22-24/03/202333043UoG and ARHBUoG, Gondar
TRAC TB Conferences Detail

Twelve rounds of capacity building trainings, on field research methods and epidemiology, provided for 224 Trainees among which 34 of them conducted the first TB surveillance in Ethiopia.

Another 3 rounds of extensive training on operational research provided for 53 trainees. In addition to that 17 TB researchers and program managers trained on Impact assessment framework while 13 others provided with systematic review and meta-analysis training.

Thanks for the volunteer members of TRAC the following three research roadmaps has also been issued.

  • Roadmap for TB Operational Research in Ethiopia – in March 2013 – (1st Edition).
  • National plan for TB Research – in March 2017 – (2nd Edition)
  • National TB Research Roadmap 2022-2026 – in March 2022 – (3rd Edition)