Data collectors training held for nationwide TB research in Ethiopia

Data collectors training held for nationwide TB research in Ethiopia

A data collectors training was given for 50 data collectors gathered from around the nation, to take part in data collection for the research titled ÔÇťAssessment of Stigma Among People with or Had TB in Ethiopia, from June 19-21, 2023 at Adama.

Berhanu Seyoum (Ph.D.), Senior researcher at AHRI and Principal Investigator of the research said on the occasion that the survey is designed to generate evidence to understand the types, magnitude, and implications of stigma on Tuberculosis (TB) service utilization for improved interventions in Ethiopia.

It is also believed that the study will contribute to the improvement of the well-being of people with or who had TB and their family members by generating updated evidence to program implementers, policymakers, stakeholders, healthcare providers, and the wider community. 

He also highlights that TB-related stigma remains to be a barrier to the utilization of TB services in most low-income countries.

The need for assessment of Stigma

Tuberculosis related stigma is an important social determinant of health that can impact health-seeking practices and illness management, said Fasil Tsegaye, Senior Tuberculosis and Global Fund grant advisor at MoH.

Research on TB stigma has been conducted predominantly in high-incidence countries. But no National assessment so far in Ethiopia, he added. 

Data will be gathered from 100 Urban and Rural areas for the study.

The training was organized by Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health through the financial support of the Global Fund. 

It was an opportunity for the data collectors to familiarize themselves with the rationale and importance of the study, data collection techniques, and tools of the assessment. 


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